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Security Awareness Tips

Cyber Security Tips - US-CERT
Cyber Security Tips describe common security issues and offer advice for non-technical home and corporate
computer users. Although each one is restricted to a single topic, complex issues may span multiple tips. Each tip builds upon the knowledge, both terminology and content, of those published prior to it.

Cyber Security Alerts - US-CERT
Cyber Security Alerts provide timely information about current security issues, vulnerabilities, and exploits. They are released in conjunction with Technical Cyber Security Alerts when there is an issue that affects the general
public. Cyber Security Alerts outline the steps and actions that non-technical home and corporate computer users can take to protect themselves from attack.

COBIT Security Baseline - IT Governance Institute
ITGI offers a security baseline for enterprises and security survival kits for a variety of computer users.

· Professional Users
· Managers
· Executives
· Senior Executives
· Boards of Directors/Trustees
· Home Users

Security Awareness Tips - Gideon T. Rasmussen
Security tips are a key component to any awareness program. They should advise of best practices and reinforce policy.These tips are written with the average person as the intended audience. The site randomly displays information security tips. Companies can use it internally to educate their user community. The site and script are free to download.

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