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Computer Security

Internet Security Overview - Home PC Firewall Guide
The Home PC Firewall Guide is a great site to learn about securing your home computer. It explains security concepts in ways that the average person can understand. The site has quality links too.

Home Computer Security Standard - Deborah F. Hale

Securing Your Computer - Gideon T. Rasmussen

Home User Security: Your First Defense - Sarah Granger

Filtering Spam With Netscape - Gideon T. Rasmussen
This document details how to configure Netscape 7.1 to limit the amount of spam that reaches your inbox using junk mail controls and mail filtering rules. Mail from your family and friends are placed in your Inbox. Unresolved mail is moved to its own folder.

Symantec Free Online Virus and Security Check
Symantec's free virus and security check will scan your computer and provide a report. The scan checks for Hacker Exposures, Windows Vulnerabilities, Trojan Horses, Antivirus Software and Virus Protection Updates.

Symantec Virus Encyclopedia
The Symantec Virus Encyclopedia provides a synopsis of the latest virus-related threats discovered by the Symantec security team. Many of the virus entries include free removal tools.

Symantec Security Response Database
The Symantec Security Response Database contains information on over 60,000 Internet security-related threats. It is particularly useful for researching virus threats.


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